Dr. Brandi Rudolph Bolling speaks about Insomnia

Regarding insomnia there are many reasons that a person can have insomnia, one of the best things that I tell parents because of course how they deal with little children mostly is let’s get a bedtime routine lets make sure that the ambiance is set meaning that we’ve dimed the lights we’ve turned off the TV we have told our body this is what we do every time it’s time to go to bed we take a bath we read a book we’re nice and cozy but we are not doing anything that will stimulate our brains at that time. I think one of the things I’ve heard someone say is that the bedroom should only be used for adult activities and sleeping and so that means taking everything out of there that is not meant for one of those things but really if you think about it that way if we remove all the distractions that the very first part. However for some people whether they have ADHD whether they have bipolar disorder which of course if they are maniac they either don’t sleep because of their mania or they are not sleeping which can lead to a maniac episode. Either of those would render a person unable to sleep and so those people may need something to help them and we have things certainly over the counter including melatonin which one could use all the way to things that may be prescribed by you know whoever it is that is your local friendly prescriber.